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How Mazda Makes Driving Both Safe and Fun

While driving a car, if you are constantly bothered about road safety, the act of driving becomes a nightmare instead of being fun. Realizing this Mazda keenly aimed for safe and accident-free roads for everyone at the nearest future, and the brand believes that it can be achieved by using advanced safety technologies by every vehicle that moves on the road. For this, Mazda has already taken some sincere steps first by setting an example by introducing innovative safety technologies in their vehicles, and then by guiding people on how to ensure safe driving. To learn these safety measures from Mazda we spoke to the experts at the Phoenix Mazda dealership and learned the fact how Mazda makes driving both safe and fun.

Safety Technologies 

Mazda has invented their in-house safety technology and named it as i-Activsense which has now become a big umbrella term that covers a series of different advanced safety technologies based on several forms of detection devices. The i-Activsense use milli-wave radars and cameras that work in unison to recognize the slightest of potential hazards. These are basically pre-crash safety technologies that play the roles of averting the reasons and possibilities of collisions.

Basics of Driving Habits

Studying the issue of road accidents into the deepest level, Mazda realized the fact, that fatigue of drivers after driving long distances can be a major cause of accidents. They further investigated that driving fatigue causes distraction at crucial moments that can cost heavy on lives. By making things comfortable and yet attention retaining for the drivers, Mazda offers to create an ideal driving environment for the drivers that would ensure stable handling and enhanced concentration on the road. 

According to Mazda, the factors that can ensure safe driving are:

Perfect driving position:

While designing the layout of Mazda vehicles, the engineers start with keeping the human mind and body at the center of everything. To create an ideal driving position, the placement of steering wheel, the accelerator and brake pedal and the frontal visibility shouldn’t be restraining the natural flow of reactions. The more these factors will be less constraining, the more a person can concentrate on the road, and ensure safe driving.

Enhanced Frontal Visibility:

Frontal visibility is one of the most important factors that decide the fate of driving. Unless the driver can see things in the front clearly, there’s no way to ensure safe driving. For this the positioning the A-pillar is most important. In Mazda cars, the A-pillar is placed more towards the rear than other cars, that gives the driver a wider frame of forward visibility and thus it becomes easier for the driver to take timely decisions and ensure safe drives.

Angle of Acceleration and Brake Pedal

So that the driver’s feet and ankle don’t get strained after frequent acceleration and brake application, Mazda cars come with an organ-type accelerator pedal, that places the driver’s heel on the floor and the foot on the pedal that makes a stable grip and easier control on the pedal inputs.

That was a valuable lesson we learned at the Mazda Phoenix on why every Mazda car ride is safe while driving any Mazda is fun.



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