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8 Simple and Easy Car Care Tips that You should Apply Always

Your car is one of your biggest financial investments. You should do your best to maintain it so that it doesn’t break down often and you find yourself spending unnecessarily on with car repairs.

Here are some easy car care tips you can implement to ensure that you don’t have to call a traveling mechanic houston especially if you live in the Texas region. Of course, there is still some risk that your car could break down because of unforeseen reasons so keep the number of a traveling mechanic on your speed dial.

Check tire pressure


Flat tires are dangerous. It can cause accidents and will lead to unnecessary car repair expenses. The good thing is that this is easily preventable. Just get an inexpensive air pressure gauge and find out the ideal tire pressure for your car.

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Don’t run on low gas


If you run on low gas, this can create fuel pump problems. If the fuel pump becomes problematic, your engine will have difficulty running. When this happens, you’ll need to repair immediately the fuel pump, another unnecessary expense especially when you can plan your gas purchases ahead of time and ensure enough gas is always available for your car. Always run with more than ¼ full tank.

Change motor oil regularly


Motor oil is a critical fluid for your ar because it lubricates the engine which in turn reduces friction. This lessens the risk of engine damage and overheating. However, motor oil becomes dirty and friction increases.It makes sense, therefore, to send your car to regular oil changes.

Check brakes regularly


One of the biggest causes of accidents is bad brakes. Brakes wear down over time and so do not wait for your breaks to deteriorate. Get it checked regularly to ensure safety and good upkeep of your car.

Keep your radiator in top shape

Another critical part of your car is your radiator. This ensures that your engine does not overheat or freeze. By having your radiator serviced regularly, mechanics will ensure that there is new radiator fluid that ensures the smooth running of your car.

Double check on strange car noises

Don’t dismiss it if your car makes weird noises. This can signal car problems and if left untreated can worsen into an expensive repair and worse an accident right in the middle of an expressway. Investigate and have a quick check with a car specialist to ensure nothing is wrong.

Replace spark plug every 30,000 miles

Most car specialists would recommend that the spark plug is replaced every 30,000 miles. This ensures efficient gas mileage and to prevent engine damage. This one is easy because it only takes less than an hour to be done.

Have new air filters at regular intervals

One of the best parts of driving is having a cool a/c system. However, air filters need to be replaced every year or every 12,000 miles. If you don’t replace it regularly, your car’s ventilation, heating, and A/C system will no longer be effective, and this can lead to unclear air inside your car. The good thing is that air filters are cheap and only takes minutes to be replaced.


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