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Good Reasons to Lease Instead of Buy

The American dream is to own a car. That’s always the eventual goal. Before ownership, though, there is a much better way to obtain a good car without having to commit to a long-term financing arrangement. It allows you to get a much better car for a lower monthly payment, and it’s called leasing a car. A car lease is a more short-term financing arrangement that allows you to pay for the time you drive the car and not in its entirety. This allows for much lower monthly payments.

When you finance a car up front, you’re paying for the whole price of the car. This means you’re going to have a long-term arrangement that you can’t just decide to ditch after a couple of years. With a lease, you’re able to pay low monthly payments because you won’t be keeping the car for more than a short time. The traditional lease is 3 years, but you can lease for as little as a year and as many as 5 years. Places like dfw auto leasing help you get the most out of leasing.

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When you lease a car, you’re able to get a much nicer car as a result. There are many different tips for saving money by leasing a car with a set strategy. By leasing in a certain way, you’re going to be able to save money in a short-term arrangement. Granted, you won’t own the car at the end of the lease, but that’s not the point of the lease. The point is that you DON’T have to own the car at the end of the lease.

Car values depreciate wildly in the first year or two of ownership. After only a couple of years, you’re looking at a car that is now worth just a fraction of what it was when you bought it. And a lot of that car’s value isn’t even because of the worth of the car. New dealer fees and advertising the new cars often costs a great deal of money as well, so you’re not just paying for what you get but also for what the dealer has to put out to sell that new car. With a leased car, you’re not paying these inflates fees. You’re just paying for the car for the amount of time you drive it.

Not everyone wants to have a depreciated car at the end of 3 years and then have to turn around and sell that car (which can take time and money as well). With a lease, you’re free to simply drive a great car for a specific amount of time and then you simply wash your hands of it at the end of that brief period. You will need to pay fees that take care of cleaning the car and any damage done to the car over a period of time (Usually a fee that’s reasonable in the hundreds of dollars) and that’s it. You’re done!

Leasing can truly save you a lot of money and it allows you to drive a new car very often.


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