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Your companion in long tours

Every bike lover who owns the Harley series of bike never wants to stay in home whenever and wherever he gets off from his routine work. It could be a weekend or fortnight annual leave from office or just a short break. All they do is load the bike with minimum accessories and move. The only thing which you should not miss at any cost is impaxx slim line tour pack system which can be put on your bike and detached when not on tour from your bike. This contains the repair kit which could be used if you face problem in your bike. You should trust the impaxx slim line system from no one else but Pro Pad.

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Why slim line tour pack system?

  • It is unpainted and comes with chrome plating and has the lock and key system to be operated by you only.
  • It also has a premium quality tether to hold the bike.
  • It also has the linear with diamond quilt.
  • The most worthwhile feature of the system is the availability of the workable LED light; as it is the most required accessory when you face the problem on tough terrains in night which is devoid of the street lights. In such case, you wish that you should have good light to set your bike right.
  • The manufacturer of the system is sure about the quality of the system as they provide a warrantee of two years on the system.
  • The entire system is available completely assembled and the kit is in the perfect state as you wish them to be in case of emergency as you do not want the kit to assemble when you are in emergency.
  • You can make it complete by adding the detachable rack to it.


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