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Why To Book A Party Bus To Niagara Wine Tours

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Residents of southern Ontario are fortunate to reside so near to Niagara, one of the world’s greatest wine-producing areas. The location boasts ideal grape-growing conditions thanks to Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. Many of these wineries provide tours and tastings at their facilities in addition to producing award-winning wines that are exported and sold across the country and beyond. While driving to these vineyards in rural Niagara is doable, it means you’ll have to limit your tastings. This is just one of the many reasons why a limousine Niagara wine tour is a fantastic option.

The offers you will get

When you book a Party Bus Niagara Wine Tours, you’re letting someone else drive you about as you sample some of the region’s greatest wines. Wine & Dine Limousines, for example, offers inexpensive packages for large and small groups. Wine & Dine Limousines serves the whole Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto areas, unlike many Niagara-based tour operators that only drop off and pick up inside the region.

Special Events

Limo wine excursions in Niagara are popular with parties wishing to commemorate a milestone or commemorate a special occasion. Bachelorette parties are highly popular, providing a memorable day for brides-to-be and their best pals. Many people arrange limousine wine excursions to commemorate special birthdays or as a pleasant activity to do with friends.

Get out of the GTA

Aside from the vineyards, the Niagara area is a visual feast. Residents in the Toronto region may spend the day in nature without having to pay for a hotel! There are the world-famous Niagara Falls, parks and forested regions, as well as peaceful country roads leading to wineries. You may enjoy Niagara for the day and then return home safely since the limo will pick you up and drop you off in your city or town.

Multiple Stops

If you conducted a self-guided tour, it would be difficult to visit more than one vineyard. Someone would have to volunteer to be the designated driver, which isn’t always a pleasurable experience. No one needs to drive on a limo trip, and you may visit numerous wineries without worrying about the repercussions. It’s simply making the responsible decision that allows everyone to enjoy themselves.

Packages that can be customised

Wine & Dine Limousine arrangements may be tailored to your specific needs. Make the most of your unique tour by getting exactly what you want and need. To begin, determine the size of your limo depending on the number of persons that will be attending the trip. A six-seater Lincoln Navigator SUV for a small group, a classic 12-seater stretch limo for a somewhat bigger group, or an 18-seater party bus for a large group are all options. 

To conclude

There’s the basic Niagara wine tour, which lets you choose which vineyards you want to visit and includes wine glasses and cold water. A wine and chocolate trip, which includes a visit at a local chocolate factory, and a Bench wine tour, which focuses on the Niagara Peninsula’s Bench region, are also available.


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