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Tips For Effective Driving In Harsh Weather

Research from insurance experts shows that Accidents caused by adverse weather conditions have been on the increase in recent times. The smooth ride of the car can be affected negatively with harsh weather conditions. With comfortable weather conditions and appropriate driving instructions, accidents can be minimal.

Below are some noteworthy tips to avoid accidents or mishaps during driving in harsh weather.

Tips For Good Driving In Haraj Weather


When this occurs, it reduces the visibility of the driver, and that affects other drivers on the road too. When precipitation occurs, stopping becomes more laborious also. Precipitation is more dangerous, especially when it has not rained for a long time.

Maintenance of Vehicle

It is very needful that you keep your vehicle in good condition. Ensure your tyres are correctly fitted, with fitted alignments and perfect suspension and brake system.  Your windshields should be clean and work in proper order. Check your headlights very well and ensure they work well for better visibility and vehicle control.

First Aid Kit

Equip yourself with basic kits in case of an emergency. A first aid kit would be very needful for your travels. Ensure your gas tank is half full at least and get a car charger for charging your phone in case of battery rundown. Other basic needs you should come with include a flashlight, jumper cables and road emergency kits.

Practice safe driving habits always, especially during harsh weather conditions.  Ensure your vehicle is adequately maintained and in-shape for the road.

Check Your Tyre Treads

As you embark on your journey, be sure to check your tyre treads for wear and tear. You can make use of tyres for adverse weather, such as all-season tyres.  Ensure your tyres are appropriately monitored. You can visit tire Shop near “Sukhumvit (“ร้านยางสุขุมวิท which is the term in Thai).


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