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The History of Suzuki: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a multinational company based in Japan and headquartered in Hamamatsu. It is well known for manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles, outbound marine engines, four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and wheelchairs. The company was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki and it is currently managed by Osamu Suzuki since 2000 to present. Apart from these simple facts, there are other interesting facts you didn’t know about Suzuki as highlighted below. Remember to always use genuine Suzuki motorbike parts!

Michio Suzuki’s First Invention Was an Automatic Loom

Suzuki was born in a small village called Nezumino-mura in Japan. He was skilled in weaving just like the other 32 homesteads in the village. He always had passion for machinery growing up. At a young age, he made a loom for his mother which could weave about ten times faster than the human speed or any other available loom at the time. He proceeded to revolutionise the production of floor looms.

Suzuki Has Conquered the Land, Sea, and virtually the Moon

Suzuki has manufactured automobiles in almost every sector of travel. The Suzuki Company advanced from motorbikes to a car manufacturing company before it started manufacturing marine engines. The first passenger car was manufactured in 1955. It has grown to manufacture boats, and it is currently working on a spacecraft. In 2014, Suzuki was voted as the best boat manufacturer after winning the Class B Endurance Championship held in Barcelona. Suzuki is working in partnership with Hukato to produce a spacecraft to land to the moon. This was in response to the challenge posed by Google to reward the first engineers who would land a spacecraft to the moon and take videos and images.

Suzuki Workers Perform 2,545 Steps to Complete a Car

Yes, you heard it right! For every successful car produced 2,545 steps have to be undertaken. For you it might be a shock but to the workers, it is a sigh of relief since it is a drop from 3,007 steps performed in 2014. The level of automation is greatly reducing the manual work by combining and eliminating some procedures completely. Currently, the company has 65 robots in two manufacturing plants to spray paint on the car bumpers.

Suzuki is the 3rd Largest Automobile Manufacturing Company

Suzuki has partnered with many companies and opened many subsidiaries in India, Great Britain, Canada, Pakistan, and the USA to increase its sales. Currently, General Motors is the biggest shareholder with only 3% of shares. India and Africa continue to be the biggest Suzuki products consumers.

Suzuki Motorbike Parts

Every month, 20,000 tonnes of steel are used in the manufacturing of cars and motorbike parts. Suzuki motorbikes are durable and easily available, therefore, Suzuki motorbike parts are highly sought after. In addition, 70,000 litres of paint are used every day during manufacturing. Suzuki has a shocking logistics figure of 4,000 trucks entering and leaving the plants every day as they bring in raw materials, and transport cars to the dealer shops.


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