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The Geotab Reseller Partnership Models Are The Foundation Of The Business

All Geotab products are sold and represented worldwide through and authorized Geotab reseller network that follows a specific model. Each reseller should be adequately trained to provide high quality customer support and consulting services. These resellers ideally cover the gamut of fleet management companies, strategic feel partners, fuel card providers, and local representatives. It means the resellers are a part of the three way partnership that ensures best-in-class support and services by understanding the issues and offering tailored solutions to different industries. There are unique partner models followed to provide the best end-to-end solutions with developed data architecture to access valuable information.

The partnership elements

The Geotab partnership model focuses on the customer satisfaction as they are the end user and identifies fleet challenges. The resellers then work towards improving the efficiency, vehicle health, safety and reliability. Reducing administrative burdens is the primary objective of this type of partnership models. The elements included in this model are telematics solutions, R&D investment and innovation, software development, engine analytics, hardware engineering, continual consulting and support, relationship management, data integration, adding functionality and ongoing training service. The marketplace partner looks for third-party integrations, fleet optimization, business-focused solutions, productivity and safety, compliance in data integrations and others.

Types of partners

Integration partners is one type of partnership model that offers IT services. For all types of fleet, the data is pushed to the systems through the UI’s automated and fully open system architecture and powerful software. They improve overall efficiency and save time and money. The software product partners build various apps with new features and functionality. These developments provide the dispatcher or fleet manager with everything they might need. The marketplace partners on the other hand complement the platform to provide customers with business focused solutions that are extensive for the ecosystem and the telematics services that are cost-effective and smart ways to increase safety and productivity.


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