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Road Accidents & Claims

Road accidents are nowadays quite known thing in the world. The increasing number of vehicles, insincerity of drivers, and carelessness of the pedestrians are the main reasons for road accidents in big cities and towns. In road accidents, various types of hampers are happened. That can be hamper of vehicles, road accessories and most importantly injury of the passengers and drivers. Hamper of vehicles and road accessories can be repaired easily but serious physical injuries takes time to heal. Sometimes accident injuries become so severe that victim has to bear that for life long. To get the proper compensation of road accidents Road Traffic Accident Claims are necessary.

If someone is unfortunately involved in a major road traffic accident, which was not his fault, then he must be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. If someone is a passenger in a car, van or bus which is involved in a collision, his personal injury compensation claim would be made against the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident, that can be the driver of the vehicle he was travelling in or a third party driver or both if necessary.

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It is also applicable for pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists. If someone is a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a cyclist, his personal injury claim would be made against the insurance company of the person driving the vehicle; which collided with you. Most of the injuries are whiplash injuries in road traffic accidents. But some injuries become more serious also.

For all these personal injury compensation claims, victim need to prove that another person involved in the accident whether the driver of the vehicle or third party driver, was responsible for his personal injury.

For the claim case, victim should take names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident and photographs of the accident locus if possible. If the third party driver has no valid insurance, leaves the scene or admits to driving a stolen vehicle, victim should contact the Police immediately and report the incident. For claiming expenses such as prescription costs and travelling expenses, one should remember to keep receipts as evidence.

There are strict time limits in place to make in any injury claims. So victim who want to claim for his losses should be careful about time. Everyone who drives vehicle or walks on road, should be careful about accidents. They should also remember that, if they don’t have any fault for the accident, getting the compensation for the losses is their right. And for getting the right they must claim their right with all the necessary evident. Because sometimes losses are gone very serious and become very hard to bear. It is true that accidents are not preplanned often. It happens while driving. But sometimes insincerity is the thing that become responsible for accidents. And the irresponsible drivers are accountable to the victims for their deeds. Being conscious about rights and knowing the correct amount to be claimed, victims should check various online sites which provides the correct info about these.


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