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Ready for E-Mobility? Find Out with an EV Compatibility Test

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Rising environmental concerns and an increasing focus on renewable sources of energy has seen electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids gradually permeate the automobile industry.

Today, there are more than 45 all-electric cars in mass production all over the world, and with more and more people opting for the eco-friendly EVs over fossil fuel-powered vehicles, the segment is expected to gain a significant market share in the future.

So, are you looking to make the switch to EVs? More specifically, are you ready?

Skepticism is always a precursor to significant change, but here’s something that will help you out:

Mercedes-Benz developed a free smartphone app – the EQ Ready app – to determine whether switching to an EV is viable for you.

You don’t need to own a Mercedes car to use the EQ Ready app; regardless of the vehicle or its brand, you can install this app and have it analyze your driving patterns to tell you whether you’re ready.

The EV Compatibility Test

The EQ Ready app has a tracking function which allows it to track your trips and evaluate them automatically. All you have to do is turn on the automatic tracking function and go about your daily commute as you normally do.

The app takes into account factors like velocity, acceleration, and stop times to analyze your driving patterns.

And it doesn’t just utilize data from a single trip; it creates a driver’s usage profile based on multiple trips and the individual’s driving behavior, letting them know whether those distances could be covered by an EV as well.

The app aims to give you an extended test drive of an EV while driving a fossil fuel-based vehicle. In that vein, the EQ Ready app also shows you a map of all the charging station present on and around your route. The app contains information about the locations of these stations, the charging plugs used and their charging speeds.

A feature called EQ Predict calculates energy consumption on the route you plan to take. The app bases these calculations on historical traffic data and speed profiles, helping you plan your routes in advance. EQ Predict also recommends charging stations on your chosen routes, covering all bases.

Based on all this data, the app will tell you whether you’re ready to own an EV. This is a great way to cast all your doubts aside and know for sure.

Electric Garbage Trucks?

A few automakers have entered the large vehicle segment with their electric trucks, but Volvo Trucks announced a special kind of electric truck back in May: a garbage truck.

Garbage trucks generally run on diesel and consequently, they make a lot of noise. With the Volvo FE Electric, the company aims to introduce a quieter alternative while cutting down on emissions in residential neighborhoods. The FE Electric hauls up to 27 tonnes of cargo and will start selling in Europe in 2019.

Whether it’s a normal car or a garbage truck, electric vehicles are an environment-friendly alternative and are definitely here to stay. Experts have predicted that EVs will form about a third of new vehicle sales by the year 2030.

But if you’re still skeptical, give the EQ Ready app a go. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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