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Precautions to take when buying a used car

Checklist for buying a second hand car - The Economic Times

Many times buying a used car looks like a very attractive option because of the advantages it carries. It indeed can prove to be the best option but that must not make the purchase an impulsive one. You cannot regret it after you are done since buying a car is not a small affair. An unwary buyer may not be aware of the possible complications that may arise when buying used cars in Montclair. These may be hidden and you may be caught off the guard when you come to know about the tampered facts.

  • Always make sure that you are buying the car from the authentic owner. You may sometimes be caught unawares by some sham, who without having the vehicle in his name proposes a sale.  So it is very important to be alert in this regard.
  • Always do a lot of research before you finalize your purchase. Even when you buy from a dealer you may sometimes be deceived. This can happen when the dealer is unregistered, does not have a license. He may buy junk and do some remodeling work and claim a lot of money. Always keep in mind that only through a recognized, authorized dealer you can have a safe transaction. This is even more important when the purchase is from private parties.
  • Sometimes the look of the vehicle and its price may not match. It is here you have to exercise caution. It may be a case of an accident that the dealer wants to hide. Sometimes he may quote a much lesser amount for a car that looks new and the deal can be appealing. To hide a serious fact the seller may price it low to sell it off quickly. Well, you cannot find out the truth but you can avoid the car and look for a better one.
  • The odometer can also reveal any defects in the vehicle. Look for scratches in and around the odometer that may be evidence of damage. As the vehicle gets old it fetches a lower price. To avoid this the sellers sometimes tamper with the odometer and keeps the number of miles run low. If you take a close look at how the vehicle looks, you can observe the mismatch between the looks and the miles run.
  • You may sometimes fall for a stolen vehicle if you are not vigilant. For this, you have to check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in all the places. The number on the dashboard, the side sticker, the frame of the car, and the documents should have the same VIN. In a hasty operation, the seller may have forgotten to match the VIN at all places. You can find this out if you are alert.

Also, be very cautious before transferring the full payment. Only after you are done with all verifications, you must complete the deal. 


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