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Mercedes Benz S Class: The Most Luxurious Production Car

For some people, finding the right car isn’t about the driving experience at all. It’s about the riding experience, when you’re at the back relaxing while the drive worries about everything else. You get to sit back and enjoy the ride, and even when you’re stuck in traffic you won’t mind at all. That is, if you’re in the right luxurious car. And for many, that means getting the Mercedes Benz S Class. 

Driving enthusiasts may wax poetic about the power and handling capabilities of the S Class, but that’s not really your concern. Instead, it’s more about your comfort as you sit in the back. With the Mercedes Benz S Class, it’s about as comfy as you can get—you’ll feel like a king on the road! 

Suspension and Rolling Behavior

The chassis is perhaps the very foundation of riding comfort. Even the most luxurious passenger seat can’t help if you have a bumpy ride to deal with. Fortunately, that’s not something you have to worry about with the chassis comfort you get from the S Class. 

There are lots of technologies here that work together to provide you that smooth ride you want. There’s the AIRMATIC air suspension with the adaptive damping system that adjusts separately for each bike. Set it to Comfort mode, and you’re all set. 

You can add the E-Active Body Control system, which basically evaluates the entire deriving situation. It takes note of your speed and the particular load, analyzing as quickly as a thousand times per second to automatically adjust the damping for each wheel. 

Rear Seating Comfort

Get in, and you’re in for a treat. The seats are adjustable, and you can set it through a wide range of seating positions. You can sit straight if you’re working while on the road, or you can basically lie down to sleep. The extendable leg rest really makes you feel like a king. 

The back seat works like a mobile office, with the continuous business center console. It includes a wireless charging system for your mobile devices, while you have folding tables for your work. It even has cup holders that lets you set the temperature, so your coffee doesn’t get cold! 

If you’re done working, then you can really relax. The headrest cushion even heats your neck and shoulder area. This is particularly soothing and relieves a lot of tension. 

Even the ambient lighting is adjustable, so you can really set the mood inside. You can pick from preset lighting programs that suit the situation. The lighting can be energizing, to help you work. Or it can be soothing and relaxing, encouraging you to take a restful nap. 

Optional Luxuries

Since you can afford an S Class, you may have enough in your budget to add a few luxurious options. Here are some picks that may match your needs:

  • Active multi-contour seat package. This offers a wide range of adjustment options, along with the use of built-in air cushions. This really maximizes your seating comfort. 
  • AirBalance package. This will ionize and purify the air inside to boost your comfort. It even adjusts the cabin fragrance to suit your mood. 
  • Chauffeur package. If you always sit at the back, you’ll want this. The front seat moves farther forward, and if you want a better view of the road, you can fold down the front seat head rest. The front seat also offers a foot rest for you at the back. 
  • Energizing package. This combines various wellness programs and energizing fitness functions. This is also available for the front, if you want to drive your S Class every now and then. 
  • Cargo space package. With this, it’s much easier to load your trunk. You can even kick under the rear apron to open the trunk, which is handy if you have your hands full. The trunk configuration also allows you to put in various bulky items, such as skis. 
  • Memory package. If you’re not the only one using the car, it can be annoying when you get in and find all your adjustment settings changed. But this package lets you save all these settings, so you can get them back at the touch of a button. 

These are just some of the packages available! 

Final Words

When the wizards at Mercedes Benz went out to design the 2021 S Class, they were actually aiming to come up with the best car in the whole wide world—full stop. They set high standards in terms of refinement, comfort, and opulence, and they sure met their—and our—expectations. The genteel ride with the comfy, enveloping cabin is just an experience you won’t ever get from another car. 


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