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Is it time to replace your truck tires?

It is often challenging to make yourself replace a tire when you haven’t seen any signs that tell you to do so. This is precisely why many drivers and truck owners don’t think about it until they have to face something drastic. “When to replace truck tires” becomes a forgotten question, until accidents occur. Road Rescue Mobile Tire Repair Gainesville and other places are some of the most common procedures, proving how important it is to know when to change truck tires.

The following steps can help you know when it is time to replace the tire.These steps need to be performed regularly so that there are no long-term issues with your truck.

The tire tread depth:

“If you insert a penny and the tread is even with the top of Lincoln’s head, the tires are becoming unsafe.”

~Gene Peterson, TPM.

This statement makes the procedure quite standard. By putting a penny at the center and checking if the head stays even or exceeds, one can easily estimate the capacity. Mobile tire repair in Gainesville and other places recommend this method being somewhat reliable in trying to understand tires and their need to be changed.

Try and know your tire’s age:

If a tire is older than five or six years, you should replace it for safety purposes. The year

of manufacture should be printed on your tire, and finding it may be a little time-consuming.

Buy them as soon as possible:

New tires are often costly and can come off as a daunting investment. However, it is one of paradigm importance as it is one of the most critical safety nets for your truck. Check your tire age and tread depth, and you should be good to decide on whether or not you need new tires. Once you are positive and need a replacement, make sure you replace them as soon as possible. Delay in change can cause some severe accidents.

There are many right tires, and choosing the best one for your vehicle depends on your truck and its model. Hence, it is essential for you to properly lookup so that the tire is suitable for your truck. Most tires have their ups and downs, so you mustn’t rush into buying the cheapest or most expensive model, but instead settle with the original model.


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