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How Car Frame Straightening Works as Explained by Fresno Auto Repair

Superior Frame Straightening is often a question asked by certain customers, if this process is needed for their ride. In answering all these questions, here are some information and insights on how car superior frame straightening works and the importance and benefits this process and service could provide for your vehicle.

On usual cases, we see that certain damages to our vehicle after certain collision, whether light or heavy, are only seen from the outer layer or the outer part of the vehicle. Relative to this, the extent of the damage can be more than expected. The inner frame or chassis of the car may need extra repair. Also, this is where is needed to get your vehicle back in perfect running and working condition. Also you would want your safety and your vehicle running performance in tip top shape. In almost half of minor accidents, wherein we would not think that the damage is not too severe, upon checking on the inner frame, the extent of the damage is alarming. In some instances, a bent frame will manifest in wrong alignment of the wheels/suspension resulting in erratic handling as well as abnormal wear on the tires.

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Body frame equipment is intricate in auto shops especially when certain cases like these occur. The said machines are used to restore to factory specifications or bring back to stock the car frame’s condition which was caused by certain incidents or accidents. Extreme torque and hydraulics are used to push and pull the frame and get the job done as human strength would not be enough for this type of workload. Depending on the amount of damage, and type of frame, the extent of the fixing duration would also vary.

Most vehicle owners are shocked with the amount of damage that was caused to their vehicle even if it was just a minor collision or low speed accident. With the technology that we have right now in our auto industry, safety is one of the main priorities. There are now certain crumple zones in each vehicle, designed specially to crumple and crush during a vehicular collision or accident. These zones are made to absorb the impacts force and energy, keeping you and your passengers safer from harm or injury, causing less fatalities or deaths. In this regard, the damage of the impact is given more to the vehicle, even on low speed accidents. It is always advised that you request an estimate even if you think the extent of the damage is not enough to be covered by warranty as certain inner frame damages may be present that you are not aware of.

Right after a serious car accident or collision, you will always ponder if you can still get the vehicle back in excellent shape. After superior frame straightening and alignment, you also have to consider the last touch to the damaged vehicle which is the paint. You need to take into consideration the quality, longevity, colour match, metallic appearance, and durability. In line with this, a great paint job would also deserve great protection. Clear coats are applied not only to protect the paint, but also to ensure a seamless repair and an accurate gloss finish.  

If you have recently been in an accident, call Fresno Auto Repair. We provide all the expertise and technology to get your vehicle back in shape at the quickest possible period of time. Our services also come with warranty and well trained and experienced technicians so you do not have to worry with additional concerns that may have affected your vehicle.


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