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How Car Alignment Can Affect Your Tire Bottom Line

One of the reasons why your car tires may wear out prematurely or wear unevenly is because of your car’s alignment. Your car’s alignment affects the angle that the tires are positioned, which affects how the tires hit the road and wear on the road.

Most people do not know a lot about car alignment and how it affects your tires bottom line. Here is some information that every automobile owner should understand.

How Car Alignment Affects Your Tires

Car alignment affects the way your wheels roll over the road. If the alignment of your car is off, the tires may not be centered. This can cause them to roll at an angle. Tires are designed to be centered when rolling along the road.

Their tread is designed. When they roll at an angle, the tread wears unevenly, which can ultimately affect the tires ability to properly function and its lifespan.

Signs Your Car’s Alignment is Off

One of the main signs that your car’s alignment is off is your tires wearing unevenly. However, your vehicle will often give you many signs that something is wrong before you notice damage to your tires. Your tires or wheels may shake when you are driving, your car may pull to the left or right when driving, or your steering wheel may not be centered.

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