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Get legal help for removing criminal records or personal injury cases

Legal firms in the city of Orlando in Florida provide experienced attorneys for a plethora of cases including expungement of criminal records and personal injury cases. Thus, whether you want your past criminal record to stop interfering in your life or want justice for injury caused by someone’s negligence, best legal help is at hand in Orlando. The services of an experienced lawyer for both kinds of cases proves to be valuable for the client. 

Criminal expungement services 

Expungement of criminal records becomes necessary at one point because presence of criminal records takes away many lucrative employment opportunities and also makes it impossible to obtain visas and visit many places. The Orlando criminal expungement attorney provided by a reputed legal firm makes the process of making the request for criminal expungement much smoother. The necessary paperwork is filed by the attorney and all other legal aspects are also taken care of professionally. Strong representation is made before the judge by the attorney. If the request is granted, the judge can decide to either remove the criminal records of the person from the records of Florida Law Enforcement Agency or place them under high restriction. Request for expungement of criminal records in case of juvenile crimes can also be made. Juvenile crime records for minor offenses such as underage drinking are sealed by the court itself. However, in case of major juvenile crimes, the records are not sealed and a proper expungement request needs to be placed before the court. 

The person may have to wait for five years before his/her criminal records are expunged if the crimes are very serious in nature. In case of minor offenses, the waiting period is no more than one year. 

Personal injury cases 

If a person is injured due to negligence of some other person, he/she is entitled to seek compensation from the errant party. However, in order to obtain compensation through a civil case, an experienced personal injury lawyer is required. Law firms in Orlando also provide legal assistance for personal injury cases. 

Some of the types of personal injury cases for which legal assistance is available are as follows. 

  • Dog bites- In case of dog bite, the victim can claim compensation from the owner of the dog for the injury caused by the dog bite. The victim can also file negligence suit against the dog owner to get compensation for non economic damages. Negligence on part of the victim which led to dog bite can reduce the compensation amount. The degree of negligence determines the amount to be reduced. 
  • Car accident- In case of car accident caused due to negligence of the driver which causes grievous injuries, disfigurement or permanent disability, the victim has the right to seek compensation from the errant driver. The personal injury attorney examines the circumstances of the accident and other facts and builds a case to obtain maximum possible compensation for the victim. 
  • Premise liability- If a person is injured on the property of someone else due to an accident caused by a hazardous defect that the owner of the property had not eliminated, the victim can claim compensation from the owner under premise liability. An experienced attorney is required to prove the claims against the owner and obtain compensation. 

The personal injury attorney can obtain damages for the client in the form of medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering caused by the injury. 


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