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Car or Public Transport? The never-ending debate of convenience and sustainability!

Which form of transportation is the best – car or train or bus?

Is it cheaper to commute through a taxi?

What are the advantages of public transport?

There are many unanswered questions, and the ongoing debate never settles on one option.

Many countries in the world have started to ban cars. In 2015, Oslo announced a plan to ban all cars from its city center by 2019 – Business Insider. Similarly, New York is preparing to ban car anytime soon by taking appropriate measures – increasing the number of pedestrian areas, bike share, subway and bus options. All these news loudly speaks of the dire need making the world traffic free.

Even if you hate to admit, driving a car has certainly many advantages over using public transport. There are differences and benefits of both modes of transportation. Let us weigh them.


Car – With fuel prices rising all over the world, car is becoming an expensive affair, even if we ignore the maintenance cost. Buying cars online is cheaper, but filling up the tank is a heavy burden on one’s pocket, especially if you are solo driving. Even if you use your car to just commute home to office and back home, you will need refilling the tank within a week or so. Insurance and maintenance cost can’t be forgotten. Toll fees are another factor that can swallow your money spent on the car. However, if you are carpooling with a couple of more companions, you share the money, and the expenditure is not too harsh on your wallet.

Public transport – They are everywhere, available at affordable prices, paid by your taxes. It means it is a waste if you don’t use them at all. Despite the fact that car is the most comfortable means of transport, you can’t deny that by and large, public transport is the cheapest way to get around than your own vehicle. Additional perks that come along – you don’t have to pay for fuel, free parking, no fuss for maintenance and similar stuff. Just pay your far, board your bus/train and arrive at the destination.


Though this factor highly depends on your country’s crime rates, on average public transport is safer than a car.

Car – Driving alone comes with both pros and cons. It is obvious that personal car is more convenient, you can hop to any place you want, you don’t have to share your vehicle with strangers, you can pull over at any spot you wish. Still, traveling on your own makes your vulnerable to thieves, especially at night. Despite getting tired during long journeys, you have to drive your car to reach your destination, paying attention to navigation.

Public transport – You might find it uncomfortable traveling with a train full of strangers; there are many advantages. For example, you stay surrounded by a lot of witnesses; if you feel tired, you can take a nap, play games, or read a book. Though public transportation accidents are rare in any country around the world, you have no control if anything bad happens. Moreover, bus/subway routes often don’t take you to the end point, and for the most part, you may need to cover the rest distance on foot or other modes of transportation.

Impact on the environment

Perhaps this part is unarguable if we compare car and public transport. With the threat of global warming , and the rise of emergent need to save the ozone layer, it is time for everyone to look for greener ways to travel.

Car – Gas emission plays a significant role in causing global warming. More cars on the road, especially with only one person driving, we all know that it leads to larger gas emission.

Public transport – A single bus or metro can seat up to more than fifty persons at a time. It means fewer cars on the road with all people traveling without affecting the environment negatively.

The final verdict

Having control over your transportation means you have to navigate, find parking, pay for it, wade your way through traffic jams, deal with other drivers. However, with your own car, you also enjoy the liberty to take offroad routes, hop on to any place en route, privacy, and comfort. So, if you are sharing your car with a couple of more persons, you are driving your own car and still using greener mode of transportation. Also, you can easily get a great fuel-efficient car with almost no hassle by buying car online.


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