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5 Steps for Washing Your Car During Wintertime

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Are you one of those car owners who think that it’s simply impossible to keep your vehicle’s exteriors squeaky clean whenever it’s winter time? Well, as Melbourne’s leading car buyers and cash for cars companies that have been in the auto industry for more than two decades, we’re now telling you that you’re most definitely making a big mistake by thinking that!

Maintaining your car exterior shiny, spotless, and overall gorgeous isn’t just for the summer! In fact, it’s most needed during harsh weather conditions like a hard rain or a snow storm. It will help protect your car from all the harm caused by these weather conditions.

But don’t you fret, keeping your vehicle looking its best throughout the cold wintertime shouldn’t be as daunting. Your trusted car removalists, auto recyclers, and car wreckers Melbourne are here to guide you how.

While it’s not the same as your regular car wash routine, we’d like you to take note of these 5 easy steps so you could do an effective winter wash on your beloved ride, without the fuss:

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1.     Lubricate.

Since you are dealing with snow or ice that have probably accumulated on your car’s exterior, it’s important that you do this first step. Keep in mind that you have to minimise the risk of freezing water turning into ice especially in areas like the gas cap, trunk area, door locks, and the like. We recommend using WD-40 for lubricating these spots so that you’ll be able to minimise water retention and prevent the freezing that may occur once you wash your car with water.

2.     Undercarriage first.

Because snow gets onto your car’s body during wintertime, it’s technically the underside of your vehicle that accumulates more dirt. That area most likely have collected dirt and salt from the snow and slush you’ve driven over during the past few months. If you have a pressurised spray nozzle available, use that to remove all the dirt and salt from the crevices under your car. It’ll not only clean that area, but more importantly, it will prevent rust from building up.

3.     Windows and Doors Next!

The next area that have probably accumulated salt and dirt are your car windows and doors. From the constant opening and closing as well as from passengers stepping in and out of your vehicle, it really must be your next area of concern. To remove salt, snow, and other contaminants, use a scrubbing product. Then remember to use glass cleaner for your windows, instead of the usual household mild soap. It’s essential that you clean these areas completely so that you can also prevent rust from appearing around your doors and windows; and also, it’ll ensure their optimal functionality.

4.     Take care of your lights and windshields.

When driving during wintertime, your visibility is the most important thing as it’ll ensure you and your passengers safety. Thus, you would have to give extra attention to these areas. Again, small specs of salt and slush can build up at the edge of your exterior lights and windshield areas. All those can damage the glass and will cause reduce visibility over time. When you go right ahead in cleaning them, keep in mind that you need to be extra gentle as you don’t want any of those to crack during the process.

5.     Dry it well!

Once you are done cleaning all the other areas of your car, you may finish it by drying everything out using microfiber towels and squeegee products. Bear in mind that you have to double check that every area, every crevice you have cleaned is completely dry. If not, everything you have just done to clean your car and prevent rust from building up will all go to waste. Plus, if you leave spots with water or moisture, you can expect overnight freezing and deal with another headache the moment you get back on your car. To make sure, touch each and every area you have cleaned so that you’ll know if they’re really moisture-free.

Additional wintertime car cleaning tips:

  • Wait for a few days after a snowstorm before you clean your car.
  • Hold off the cleaning for a kind-of bright and rather sunny winter day. This will enable you to avoid water or your car wash formula to freeze up easily.
  • You may also invest in those waterless carwash solutions so you won’t have to worry about water freezing in some areas of your car.
  • Make sure to use high quality car wax for to protect your vehicle’s paint job.

A regular car wash during the winter season shouldn’t be as difficult. Besides, it’ll keep your car not only sleek and shiny but also rust-free. And most importantly, it will protect your car’s value as well as save you a lot of money on costly repairs.

Now if your car is already due for disposal not only because of rust but more of its engine issues, Rapid Car Removal is still the name you can trust. We have been removing scrap vehicles and buying used cars in Melbourne for many years. That is why, we are simply a leading cash for cars Melbourne company that guarantees our clients top dollar for their once-loved vehicles. So instead of you stressing yourself out with an expensive car selling service, get help from our reliable team of experts and you’ll not only get free car removal services but also a good amount of cash as payment for a rusted, old car.


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