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4 Things To Know While Buying Wheels & Tyre For Your Audi

The pioneer of state of the art all-wheel-drive in passenger vehicles, Audi always stands for refined performance and class. One among the most revered automotive brands, Audi sells 1 million+ units worldwide today.

Needless to mention Audi vehicles are treasured assets and hence great caution must be taken while replacing or buying its parts. The post below talks about the tips to know while buying wheels & tyre for your Audi.

Size of the wheels

Size of wheels plays a key role in influencing the ride and performance of your steam. Heavier, bigger wheels do not necessarily translate to high performance. In fact, bigger wheels could impose spiked fuel bills and can even hamper the car’s performance quotient.

According to experts, the focus should be on lighter wheels. Lighter wheels assure lesser weight on car suspension which enhances the vehicle’s response to the steering inputs. Weight saving will further improve fuel economy which means good saving for your wallet as well. Besides, low tyre profile assures sharper response for steering.

The safest route here is to check Audi’s recommended size & load rating for your vehicle.

Look for a reliable car parts store

This is surely one of the most vital points to mind while shopping for wheels and tyres for your prized Audi. You must take a thorough survey on at least 4-5 leading car parts stores around. Go for the one with the best market reputation and long line of happy customers.

A trusted car parts store like will host a wide range of wheels and tyres to fit all major Audi models. Besides, make sure your chosen store offers multiple pictures of all car parts featured coupled with concise description of their features.

 Go for Audi’s recommended aftermarket wheels

For best results, it’s better to settle with Audi’s recommended aftermarket wheels. Not many know that the esteemed automobile brand extends a series of wheels with its Audi aftermarket accessory initiative. The wheels offered under this initiative are passed through stringent regulatory testing to assure they are perfectly compatible & safe for Audi models. So, look for a reliable car parts store which offers aftermarket wheels recommended by Audi itself.

In fact, Audi strongly discourages buying replacement parts that haven’t been verified & approved by it.

Be careful of wheel’s offset

The wheel offset refers to the distance in between centerline of the wheel and the mounting hub. When the wheel’s mounting hub is placed behind centerline, it’s called negative offset. Positive offset is a situation where mounting hub sits right ahead of centerline. Offset is gauged by “ET code”. Higher ET code implies more positive offset while a lower one means negative offset.

It’s important to check the wheel offset before buying because negative offset hampers the car’s suspension. It affects the steering and puts the car’s safety and performance at a risk. So, make sure your chosen replacement wheel shows a higher ET.

Follow these simple tips to ensure the best replacement wheels & tyres for your Audi.


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