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What is Tekmetric?

Tekmetric is a suite of comprehensive and easy to use auto repair software. The software was developed with the goal of providing auto repair shops with a simple and reliable digital solution to auto repair. Tekmetric is not only geared to the repair side of the business. The software is designed to make your entire auto repair business easier to operate, including administration and accounting tasks. The platform is available anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. The suite is designed to handle everything from scheduling appointments and checking out customers to building estimates and tracking inventory.

Tekmetric Features

Tekmetric prides itself on being your one stop for all things related to running your automotive repair business. There are many pieces of software that claim to do this, but Tekmetric is one of the most comprehensive pieces of auto repair software out there. Tekmetric’s digital Job Board makes scheduling and organizing jobs incredibly easy. Because all employees have access to a centralized schedule, communication through Tekmetric becomes easier. You and your shop’s employees will also have an easier time writing estimates and repair orders with Tekmetric’s built-in forms. The auto repair software also comes with integrated labor times and OEM parts tracking. With Tekmetric’s in-depth profitability analysis you’ll be able to calculate the value of any job in minutes.

Sound good? Well, this auto repair software still does more. The software simplifies interactions with your customers. With Tekmetric it’s easy to add all your customers to the system and keep track of your history with them. Tekmetric users are also able to schedule appointments with their customers through the system and manage appointment times. Tekmetric allows you to communicate with your customers through SMS or email. So, when a customer’s job is completed, just use Tekmetric to send them a text saying their car is ready to be picked up. Tekmetric also makes your interactions with vendors easier. With the auto repair software, you can catalog your vendors, manage orders, and update inventory. The inventory management system is quite extensive. With it, you can set warnings when the inventory of a certain part is running low and save OEM part information for future use.

Tekmetric is Free for the Rest of 2018

That’s right. Sign up for Tekmetric now and all of Tekmetric’s tools and services are free for the rest of the year. Adopting and implementing auto repair software is just the thing to take your customer and vendor relationships to the next level. Implementing Tekmetric increases the overall efficiency and simplicity your business runs at. Why make things harder on yourself? With the current promotion, now is the perfect time to schedule a demo. New features are being added to Tekmetric all the time. There is no sign-up cost. There are no cancellation fees. Tekmetric is so committed to your utmost satisfaction they’re offering their software free of charge for the rest of the year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, act now and sign up for your demo today.


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