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Tips To Keep Your Car Looking Clean

We all sometimes feel like we spend too much or all of our time in the car. Therefore, we are not too far off. The researches show the average Americans spend more than 37 000 hours of their lifetime in their cars! That’s crazy! Definitely a lot, and probably a good reason to keep your cars outside and inside clean. These tips to keep your automobile looking clean will help you minimize stress while you are on your road trip or on the-go.

Every Time You Leave, Take Something Out

The best way to avoid your belongings pile up in the seats is to grab something every single time you get home. With this “method”, when you finally decide to clean your car, you won’t have to carry along a whole mountain of stuff. So, next time make an effort to take in everything you brought with you and always remember to look under the seats! 

Use Organizers

Organizers are meant to keep us organized, right? There are many organizers made specifically for the front or back seats that are meant to store games and activities during travel times. Also, the big advantage is that they keep the kids from kicking and bouncing on the seat. Try to even make you own using a simple shoe organizer. While dividers with compartments will be the perfect solution for the front seat center console.

Keeping your surfaces clean

It’s a very smart idea to keep pre-moistened wipes in the glove box compartment, just in case you need a quick rub on the dashboard, steering wheel, and every small detail in between.

In this way you will eliminate all the accumulated dust and grime from your fingers in a matter of seconds.

Keep up with the vehicles maintenance

It’s important to try to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, so you don’t eventually have to deal with mechanical issues which produce unpleasant odors or dust build-up. Replacing your air filter regularly is a very important piece in the puzzle. Implement quality cabin air filters that enables the constant flow of fresh air in your car. 

Keep a trash can in the car

When you think of a “trash can” that doesn’t mean it has to be some kitchen style trash can in your car. Simply pick up a plastic grocery bag and hang it on the back of the passenger seat. You will avoid so much chaos with this simple detail, as everyone will have a place to toss their trash, tissues, coffee cups and cans. 


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