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Fix your Car Bumper scratches with Parts Avatar- Car Body Parts

Just imagine that you have spent a lot of time in learning parallel parking and then you have parked your car perfectly and there is a lot of distance between your car and the one which is behind you. You go out of your car and complete your work. Now when you return, you find out that the cars which are in front and behind your car are gone and now you have ample space to leave the spot. But, when you did a closer inspection, you found out that the other cars have left something, your car bumpers are scratched and dented. If you will get it repaired from outside, then it can turn out to be extremely costly.

There are some ways with which you can sort this out yourself and at the same time you will save lots of money. Repairing your car bumper would involve some steps like grinding, sanding, sculpting and even painting.


A lot of car owners end up heading to a car parts store to buy some cheap body filler and a can of spray paint which would match with their car’s present paint. You must know that this is a bad idea.

With the passage of time, things are changing and so is the making of car body parts. The car owners will now have to adjust. Now you will have to gather whole new set of supplies for repairing the scratches on your car bumpers.


You need the following things:

  • Repair and refinishing kits for plastic bumpers
  • Solvent to remove the dirt as well as oil as it would keep the things adhesive
  • Factory-matched paint
  • Spray primer
  • Sheets of fine sandpaper
  • Scuff pad
  • Cleaning towel
  • Wax and grease remover


  1. Apply Masking Tape

The first and the foremost step is to apply the masking tape. Mask off the areas which are around the damaged area so that they don’t get hit by the spray paint.

  1. Sand Paper

Now you have to smooth the scratches on your car bumper and for that you will have to sand the damaged area carefully.

  1. Clean Panel

Wipe the entire panel with the help of a cleaning towel. Then the other thing which you have to do is to clean the entire area with wax as well as grease remover.

  1. Fill Scratches

There would be some scratches those would not be scratched out, so you can fill them with a thin layer of scratch-filling putty.

Give some time to the putty so that it can harden and then sand it with the help of a sand paper. You can always repeat this step if you want to smooth everything out.

  1. Scuff Repair Area

Use a scuff pad and scuff about 10 inches around the repair area. This is really helpful as it would allow the paint to stick and it would become more durable with the passage of time.

  1. Prime Bumper

Apply a thin layer of primer and then wait for some time. Then apply heavier layer of primer and cover all the areas exposed by sanding.

  1. Paint Bumper

Use a sand paper to sand the primer with a light pressure and do it until it starts feelings smooth. Start applying multiple coats of paint.

  1. Clear coat Layer

Give some time to the paint so that it can dry and then apply a layer of clear coat. Wait for some time and let it dry. Then apply a heavier layer and later remove the tape and paper.

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