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Best Car Insurance Companies In California In 2017

Driving around California is the dream. Live your dream by driving around the state in a safe and secure manner – as you would already know, it is always better to be safe than sorry. How do you do this, though? Well, it is simple: by having a car insurance that you can swear by. Some of the best car insurance companies do not only mean affordable, it also takes into consideration coverage options, excellent customer service, a good financial report, etc.

1. Amica

For the best customer service, this should be your pick. It should be anyone’s pick after knowing that they always put their customer’s needs first. Other than that, though, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Amica:

Best lineup for coverage – Amica offers a wide array of driver and vehicle coverage; includes GAP insurance (an insurance that bridges the gap between your car loan and payments related to the accidents) and interior vehicle coverage, both of which are not offered by most companies.

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High Financial Stability Ratings – The company boasts of an above average financial report. Rest assured, both your money and vehicle/s are in safe hands.

No Restrictions With Repair Facilities – Unlike any other insurance company, Amica does not have restrictions when it comes to having certain car parts repaired from a particular shop. This is most especially helpful when you find yourself stuck in an unfamiliar area and need to have the car repaired in the nearest shop.

2. State Farm

Just like Amica, State Farm sure does know how to give customers what they want. For those looking for excellent customer service and interaction, State Farm should definitely be one of your top choices as well. For one, they are easy to get in touch with; if that is not enough, they are pretty up-to-date with the online world. They have a Pocket Agent Mobile App – an app which allows you to chat with your agent at any time and in any place. If that is not enough, here are some of the reasons why you should choose State Farm:

Excellent Claims Handling – With the many car insurers out there, no company can compare to how easy State Farm makes it to file a claim.

High Financial Stability Ratings – Just like Amica, State Farm boasts of financial ratings that give it its superior standard.

Easiest Online Quote Tool – All it takes is five minutes – within five minutes, you will be guided through the process and be given coverage options that are best for you.

3. The Hartford

If you are all about the policy options as well as a wide selection of benefits, then go for this car insurance company. Out of all the companies, The Hartford offers a great vehicle discount. Hence, those within a strict budget should definitely take this one into consideration. If you want to know more about why you should consider this insurer, however, then here are some of the other important reasons:

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage – This company takes into consideration repairing parts that are not covered by your car’s warranty. In fact, out of the other two companies, the Hartford is the only one who does this.

Great Policy Benefits – Excellent coverage options and great policy benefits make for the perfect solution to all car related woes. If you are a frequent traveler, you will love their towing and roadside assistance programs.

Above Par Purchase Experience – The Hartford is one of the two national car insurers that has received a perfect score in the “Overall Purchase Experience” category as awarded by JD Power, a well-known market research company.

We are pretty sure that after reading this list, you have got some serious thinking to do as we presented you with some of the best car insurance options in California for the year 2017.

Knowing the best car insurance optiosn in California is good. Next, what should you do in case you’re involved in a road mishap? Here are some tips:
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