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What Can Be the Cheapest Way of Shipping Your Car?

There may be an occasion when you may have to ship your own car from your old location to your new address, which may be quite faraway place. In such case, you may prefer to choose any least expensive option. However, transporting a car by just picking any cheapest company that you find, can be quite complicated.

Also, car shipping prices may fluctuate due to many reasons and besides many companies often may give initial offer exceptionally low, but when they raise their bill then, it can be much more than what you expected. 

This can often create a very tricky situation and you may wonder how much car shipping will really cost and how to find a genuine company who offers the quote.

There are few good and genuine companies, who ship a car cross country and also charge you a reasonable price, such as Cross Country Vehicle Transport, but the question is how to find such type of company when you really need them.

Following are few tips that can help you to transport your car at cheapest rate.

  • Do research from various sources

It is necessary to do some research to get the name of various transporters of cars from your friends, social sites, internet, or any other sources that you can think of. More you talk to people you will gather information that may be useful for you.

  • Try to know what the prevailing rate in the market is

In the process of doing your research, you will also gather information about their prices, and this will enable you to know what the market price is. Also, you will know maximum and minimum price that you can get.

  • Get quote from multiple sources

Now try to get written quotation from multiple number of sources, so that you can know their terms and condition of each company and you can not only compare the price but also their terms as well. 

  • Make early reservation

More the time you offer to companies to bid for your job, likelihood is that you will get lower price. Certain company might offer a bid of $1000 on the first day, and after few days some other may offer for $925.

Longer the companies bid against one another, lower the price you will get.

  • Prefer for open transport

Open transports are usually less expensive as compared to enclosed transport and you can save some money on that too.

  • Consider the option of sending through train

Train can also be one cheapest way of transporting your car and try to see this option whether it suits you.  

  • Consider driving all by yourself

Last option can be driving all by yourself, which may come out to be cheaper, but before that you must evaluate the following costs too.

  • Gas charges
  • Your food charges during travel
  • Lodging charges on the way
  • Charges for Vehicle maintenance needed 

If by calculating all above, you find that it is cheaper option for you then you may consider it.


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