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Pledging for saloon car at a high price:

For those people who don’t know about saloon then saloon is just a normal car which many people call it a sedan. A car with four or five seats with roofs attached to it. And this car is premium car and it should get more than the owner thinks in Saloon pledge [รับจำนำรถเก๋ง, which is the term in Thai]. And if the saloon car gets a lower value by the agent then it must be the owner’s fault. Because cars like saloon always get good value from the agent. Because these cars are costly and come when someone pays a good amount of money.

So, it is necessary for the owner to expect the best value for the pledge. And it is always the owner’s fault that they didn’t get good value. Because the car is not properly maintained so, the agent can’t give much value. That will be the only reason.

Prepare the car for the show

To get the most value by the agent the presentation must be good. Follow these steps to get more value

  • Maintain the car properly

This is the most important thing about getting a high value for the saloon car. Maintaining it so, that it can run in good and bad conditions. By that one can get more value for their car.

  • The documents should be ready

Prepare all the documentation of the car as soon as possible. Before showing to agent. As it will be easier for the agent to check the car. Whether it belongs to you or not. And also, if some papers are expired or not.

  • Get the servicing done

 don’t neglect this aspect before showing the vehicle to the agent. A servicing of the car is necessary before the show. So, it works fine.


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