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An Expat’s Journey: Teaching English in Peru

If you’re looking for a new adventure and want to travel while working, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Peru is an excellent opportunity. Not only will you have the chance to explore one of South America’s most culturally rich countries, but you’ll also be helping Peruvians improve their English language skills, which can significantly impact their future job prospects. In this comprehensive guide to TEFL in Peru, we’ll cover everything from visa requirements, job opportunities, and what to expect from a typical classroom setting.

Visa Requirements: If you’re a foreigner looking to work in Peru, you’ll need a work visa which can be obtained from the Peruvian Embassy in your home country. To obtain a work visa, you’ll need to provide a criminal record check, official degree/diploma, and passport. Note that the criminal record check needs to be less than six months old and notarized.

Job Opportunities: Fortunately, the demand for English teachers in Peru is growing, and there are plenty of job opportunities available for those who wish to pursue TEFL. The majority of teaching positions can be found in Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa, with the most challenging positions available in rural areas. You can find TEFL job opportunities by searching online, through Facebook groups or by contacting local language schools.

Classroom Setting: The classroom settings in Peru can vary significantly, depending on the age and level of the students. The majority of teaching positions in Peru are in schools, language institutes, and universities. Most language institutes are looking for teachers to teach more conversational English, whereas universities are looking for teachers with a more extensive knowledge of the English language. You can expect to teach around 20-30 hours per week.

Salary Expectations: Although the cost of living in Peru is relatively low, TEFL salaries are relatively modest. The average salary for a TEFL teacher in Peru ranges from about $400-$800 USD per month. Still, living expenses in Peru are relatively low compared to the US or Europe, so you can live comfortably on that salary. You may also find some opportunities for private tutoring, which can help supplement your income.

Peruvian Culture: One of the best things about TEFL in Peru is that it allows you to immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant Peruvian culture. Peru is known for its rich history, delicious cuisine, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Cusco, for example, is known as the gateway to Machu Picchu and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lima, on the other hand, offers a vibrant city experience with its bustling art scene, museums, and gastronomy.

Conclusion: In conclusion, TEFL in Peru is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to travel, experience a new culture, and help others improve their English language skills. Although the salary range is relatively modest, the cost of living is low, which allows you to live comfortably and have money leftover for exploring. TEFL teachers can teach in a variety of settings, from schools to universities, and there are plenty of teaching opportunities available throughout the country. Overall, you will have the chance to gain valuable teaching experience, immerse yourself in the vibrant Peruvian culture, and see the world from a new perspective.


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