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All you need to know about your car aircon servicing

The car aircon servicing ensures more than just keeping you cool. If you are unwilling to pay a huge car repairing cost for the A/C system, you need to take your car for regular air conditioner servicing and maintenance.

Maybe you are thinking that the air conditioner vents are releasing quite cold air. So, do you need a servicing for the A/C system at all?

Well, releasing cold air does not always mean that the air conditioner is at its optimum level. It may be as much as 20% low and still release air that is reasonably cold.

Hence, only with a regular car air conditioner servicing, you can make sure your car’s A/C system is working perfectly.

Why car aircon servicing is important

If you always skip the appointments at the car servicing shop, and ignore the air conditioner servicing, you will never know how the current condition of your vehicle’s A/C system is. What if it suddenly stops working!

To avoid such abrupt headaches, it is better not to miss the car aircon servicing appointment dates. Also, a regular A/C maintenance will make sure you don’t have to spend huge repairing cost at a time.

You should not ignore the fact that a car’s A/C system can be the breeding ground for harmful fungus and bacteria. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, getting the air conditioner cleaned in a timely manner is important.

When should you get car aircon servicing?

Usually, getting a full service of car’s air conditioner at least once a year is a good practice. It is even better if you get this servicing before the start of summer, when air-conditioning in the car is most needed.

What should you do for car air conditioner maintenance?

When you take your car for air conditioner servicing, do not forget to ask your skilled mechanic about the refrigerant level. If necessary, re-gas the system as well.

This car aircon servicing will include

– Checking of air vent temperature

– Replacement, or recycling, and reclaiming of operating gas

– Components and hoses inspection

– Checking of thermostats and valves operation

– Checking or replacement of receiver filter or drier

– Sanitize and deodorize system

– Cleaning of condenser fins

– Leak test of components and system lines

Usually, in a standard logbook service, the air conditioner is not always included. Hence, it can be easily neglected.

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