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When is the Right Time to Change the Transmission Fluid in your Car?

Transmission fluid is essential for every vehicle whether it has automatic or manual transmission system. Transmission is basically a process for transferring power from a vehicle’s engine to its wheels.  The most important Transmission parts and components include gears, torque converter, clutches, pump, filters and the transmission fluid. Transmission oil is also known as ATF and function as lubricant and coolant in transmission system of a car. Transmission oil also has limited life like other oils in the car have because it may be contaminated and worn out with time and its work. Consequently, affect the working of transmission system which makes the car overheated and your car may get stop in the middle of nowhere. Thus, need your vigilant attention before thronging your car on roads. Now you may have question in your mind that how do you know your car need a change of transmission oil. Don’t get panic, you can easily find it by following this article

Change in Color of Transmission Oil

Mostly, its color is pinkish red at the time of insertion. But, currently it is also available in some other colors such as green, blue and yellow. However, its color has changed from lighter to dark with the passage of time because of dirty particles and other contaminants. If you find dark red, brown or black color of fluid or feel some burnt smells then it’s right time to change your transmission fluid to save yourself from future big troubles.

Shifting of Gears becomes Harder

When you find shifting of gears becomes harder or difficult from normal time, you need to visit workshop to change the oil of transmission system.

Gears Slip Out

Slipping of gears without any indication of warning may be caused by the uneven flow of the transmission fluid. Consequently, disturb the balance of the gears. Flow of the fluid is blocked by dirt particles or stains. In order to make the flow of fluid smooth, you need to change either the filters of transmission or transmission fluid

Slow Response after Shifting  

If you shift your car gear from one level to another and your car respond to it with some delay, it’s a waning for you that your transmission oil got dirty and need a quick action.

Car’s Whirling Movement

Sometime, when you press accelerator or brake and your car whirl backward or forward with no reason, it may be occurred because of erratic flow of transmission oil. Therefore, transmission oil needs to change as it contains impurities in it which may wear out its normal function.

Mysterious Noises

While driving you may hear some mysterious noises like grinding and squealing. Immediately check out your transmission oil and its level. You can check the condition of fluid by directly observing its color or thickness. If you find any bad sign then change it quickly.

Optimal Schedule for Oil Change

It is highly recommended by the car manufacturer to change the transmission oil once every 2 to 3 years and every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. For the smooth and long lasting function of transmission system this is the optimal level of oil change for average driver.

In the end, if during your smooth ride suddenly, you have experienced any of these signs or problems, it is right time to take your car to workshop or check its transmission oil thoroughly and replace it.


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