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How To Protect Your Camping Roof Rack From Thieves

camping roof racks are interesting piece of hardware to add to your car. They add potential carrying space and make it easy to add a whole range of items to your car for transport. However, one of the problems with them is that they are completely open to the world. This means that they can be easily stolen from.

If you want to add these racks to your car, then you are going to need to take measures to prevent thievery. Here are some things you can do to reduce the chances of thieves taking advantage of the open racks.

Bikes. Roof racks are a great place to position your bikes. This is because they make it easy to transport. Camping roof racks have a lot of space for your mountain bikes. However, while you are parked, your bike can end up being stolen. The key to keeping your bike safe is redundancy. You want to have multiple locks on your bike. Instead of just one lock, you need to put multiple locks on it. A single lock is simple to defeat for pro thieves. Multiple locks will often make it harder for them to break through. Also, take note that no lock cannot be defeated. If you leave your car unattended for a long time, then there’s a large chance that it will be stolen.

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Kayaks. Another favorite to place on camping roof racks is to place your kayaks on them. This is a great use for them since this allows for easy kayak carrying. Thieves can also find it easy to steal from. If you want to protect your kayaks being stolen, then here are a few tips. One, you are going to need to remember the 12-digit hull identification number. All kayaks come with these and it is really easy to identify your kayak again when it becomes stolen. Besides remembering the hull number, you can also avoid theft by using locks and chains to secure the kayak to the roof. Finally, you may want to invest in some kayak insurance. Kayaks are expensive and if they do get stolen, it won’t be that much of a financial loss.

General tips. There are also some general tips that you will find useful. First, you may want to position your lock on top of the rack. This positions it furthest away from any potential thief. Next, when you strap down your cargo, the straps should be as tight as possible. This reduces the slack that thieves can take advantage of. Third, proper positioning can go a long way. If your load is made to look as solid as possible, many thieves will be hesitant to try and steal it. Thieves want easy targets and heavy loads are not easy. Finally, take your time loading your rack. This ensures that you have the time to set-up security correctly.

Overall, ensuring your items are properly secured just takes a bit of know-how and some elbow-grease. So remember, keeping everything secure and making sure everything will be safe on your road trip starts even before you leave your garage.
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