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How to Deal with Hail Damage on your Car

There are many natural forces that can create a havoc with your car, like rain, snow, sand, dust and so on. But nothing can be more damaging than the hailstorms as the hails can get heavier beyond your expectation and can break the windshield in no time. So, is there a way to deal with this unexpected nature attack?  An expert mechanic who leads the team at a popular auto body repair shop near us, assured us that if we follow a few golden rules, dealing with hailstorm attacks on the car can become much easy an affair. And the tips we gathered from him felt worth sharing.

Acting Upon the Situation

Hailstorm is a common natural occurrence that generally takes place before and during the rainy season in which these fast-moving ice spheres start raining on the earth surface with force. When the same falls on cars, it can cause serious harm on the vehicle, especially if it is unprotected. To avoid such a trouble, that would invariably create an expensive bill to be paid at the repair shop, one can protect his car by wither parking it under a shade, when there is any chance of rain or hailstorm, and one should not wait for the hailstorm to start.

Cover the Car

If you do not have an access to a garage and your local weather forecast issues a hailstorm warning, use a ca cover or thick blankets, to save your car. To prepare well in advance, keep a car cover inside the trunk of your car, so that you can use it instantaneously, even if you are far away from your home and are in the middle of a journey. The idea is to protect your car windshield and windows by creating as many layers as possible to cushion the surface from the harsh hail drops.

Staying Alert

Today technology is trying to make things predictable to a large extent. To save your car from hailstorm attacks, you need to stay prepared well in advance by subscribing to the weather reports at the area you are living or about to drive through. If there is a weather forecast warning of hailstorms, try to find a safe parking space at the earliest. For this you can also list out the available garages around you and drive to the nearest one, as soon as the weather shows sign of hailstorms.

Make Good Use of the Floor Mats

If your car is caught in the hailstorm and you aren’t able to find any cover, the safest way to protect your car rood and windshield is to pull the car aside in a safe place, take out the floor mats and spread them on the roof and on the hood. Though this might not save your car from the hails entirely, it will definitely give you a temporary solution to save the roof and windshield from a nasty damage. Still if your car gets damaged by the hailstorm it is always recommendable to take your car to a reliable automotive collision repair shop before the damage gets worse.


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