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How Genesis Develops its Concept Vehicles

Genesis as a luxury wing of Hyundai, in no time could see itself counted among the topmost brands of luxury. And the reason is obvious. Genesis has worked hard to achieve this built, the looks, the finish and all of this delivered with an uncompromised quality. This stance of Genesis took a lot of engineering acumen, but what led it ahead of others striving for the same status in the industry is its design concept which they call it as Vision-G.

Concept of Vision G

At the Glassboro Genesis dealer showroom, we were explained how Genesis cars are intended to achieve a level of luxury that would redefine the concept in terms of vehicle interiors. Conforming to the basic logic that a positive visual impact needs a basic level of quality ensured, Genesis always stick to using premium quality products. This is an idea thatGenesis breathes into all the trim levels of its luxury car models, that works as the DNA in framing the concept of Vision G.

The foundation of the vision G concept is to strike a perfect balance between creating an overwhelming design and an enduring power performance. The Designers at the Genesis manufacturing shade are all trained to establish a belief in themselves that a car design needs to execute every minute detail of a visionary concept and through their sophisticated shapes and lines, Genesis proves with each of their luxury coupe that their belief stands true in every sense.

The luxury coupe models of Genesis are the manifestations of their concept of Vision G that assure a promising level of luxury, revving performance, value for money and responsibility all wrapped inside the gentle pack of exquisite signature style of Genesis. Designers behind each Genesis luxury coupe sedans are underlining the belief that shouting out loud with too jazzy design frillsnever get time-tested trust and respect. Hence, in spite of its gigantic size and few dramatic lines, the concept of Vision G maintains a purposefully understated profile in all the Genesis sedans.

Signature Exterior Styling

Vision G will always have a captivating effect on the minds of the onlookersand create an aura around the cars with their magnetic presence. Take any design tweak like the long hood, the higher than average beltline and a posh cabin with slingshot theme simply make the cars irresistible.

The boldness is expressed bestthroughthe large front grille that is beautifully placed between the slim looking headlights.Elegance and athletic spirit join hands when you see any Genesis car, as the Vision G concept that use design cues with the abundant use of flowing lines travelling freely from the headlights to the taillight, all integrated seamlessly with its voluminous body frame.

Premium Interior

Adornedwith rich and luxurious materials, each Genesis sedan will greet its occupants with asoft Nappa leather draped upholstery, sealed up with genuine wood trim all beaming with a refined elegance.

The experts at the Genesis dealer Glassboro explained to us with pride and honor that the concept of Vision G in Genesis is purely human-centric. The concept chalks out designs to make both the driver and the occupants feel equally respected and valued.


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