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Expert tips for caring your car’s overall look and feel

Giving an extra level of attention and more touchup is all you need to make your car look cool. Dedicating a few minutes of your valued time can help you save a lot of future costs for owning and using a car. And that’s exactly where timely managed maintenance, washing and caring your car comes into consideration.

Let us now get to what experts conclude and suggest in this regard. You will notice a fresh new look and feel of the car in just a couple of hours by following these simple tips.

How often should you washit?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions bymost of the car owners. Washing your car entirely depends upon the condition of the car as well as its usage frequency. If you have owned a brand new car then you might not need to wash it frequently. If you own a 3 to 5 years older used car, then you must wash it at least twice a week.

There is a greater probability of deposited sand and dust particles in used cars. Minor cracks in the paint and crevices play an important role in keeping the dust particles intact with the body of the vehicle and become the top highlighted reason for corrosion or rusting.

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Do you consider cleaning the interior of your car?

Paying equal attention to the car’s interior is of utmost importance. Newer cars do not require extensive efforts in cleaning the car as there are fewer chances of open spaces and gaps from where wind and dust particles could reach the inside room. It has been widely noticed that used car’s customers are really astonished by the condition of their recently bought car’s interior.

Either you purchase a used car from your local car dealer or even an exporter that offers cars sale in Japan, they ensure that the car isprofessionally serviced and cleaned. If you continue cleaning the interior along with the exterior, you will surely maintain it as it was purchased.

Things are pretty much different when it comes to the interior of used cars. You might need a high-performance car vacuum cleaner and rigid brushes to clean the carpet, upholstery and different sections of the interior. Using a wax based car interior polish is all you finally need to give a fresh new look to the car’s dashboard and several other interior trims.

Do you consider protecting and maintaining the car paint?

You might think it’s easier to wash weekly and clean the car’s exterior and interior but, that’s not all you have got to do to make it look as new and clean as possible. There are a number of top-selling automotive hard waxes and wax sprays that are widely available in the markets. Make use of them and consider applying a layer of wax every week when you wash your car.

If you have a used car that has rusted/oxidized body parts on the exterior then you should sand them down and apply a layer of automotive primer and paint to protect it from further oxidation. You can also reach out to a local body workshop for getting it done more professionally.

Either you are deciding to purchase a brand new car or looking for a Japanese exporter offering your favorite cars for sale in Japan, never forget that you have to dedicate a weekly car cleanup and maintenance schedule right from the day you start using it.

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Matthew White is a professional car interior, exterior and modifications expert. He has spent a lot of time in working with an automobile dealership that sells cars for sale in Japan. While owning his own modification services business, he also writes and shares his valued opinions with his fans.


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