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Easy Tips to Change your Car Engine Oil

Changing your car engine oil might appear as a simple task for the ones who have learned it well. For the new car users, it can look a messy job, while a few tricks can ease out the process for them. We have learned these tricks from our known team of mechanics at our neighboring auto repair shop. The tricks really helped us do this job better in every sense. So we just wanted to pass on this piece of knowledge to the ones, who prefer to maintain their cars by themselves rather than looking for a professional help.

Keep the Oil Moderately Warm

Hot oil is necessary for a free flow, helping you change the oil easily, but it can also induce serious burns not cooled down before changing it. So, to end the dilemma, follow these steps.

  • Wear a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from burning
  • If your car engine is cold, key and run it for a couple of minutes. This will make the oil warm enough to flow easily, but not harm your skin.
  • But if the vehicle was driven a few minutes before, allow 20-30 minutes to cool down the oil before you start draining it out. 

Use a Drain Pan

Do not try to change the oil without a drain pan, as it will make the oil flow directly onto the can and won’t allow it to spill on the ground. The best type of drain pan is the one with funnel-top, as it will be fully covered leaving almost zero possibility for an oil spill. 

Grip it Well

Oil filters will be automatically slippery, so it needs a lot of precise effort to change the oil without slipping your hand, or else it can not only mess the ground but also hurt your skin. The best way to get a good grip is to arm yourself with a bunch of oil changing tools that will come handy in every step. Get a bunch of wrenches ideally made for this job to grip it well. 

Tips to Avoid a Spill

Spilling the oil while changing it is the last thing you’ll want to happen. Hence, here we are to help you prevent such occurrences. 

  • Keep some oil-dry napkins handy every time you so an oil change. 
  • Use the drain pan by holding it with a dry cloth, so that it doesn’t slip from your hand
  • To avoid any residual stains, use a shower curtain or lay a tarp beneath the car. 
  • When done, wipe the oil off.

Sealing Up the Filter

At the end of the oil change, make sure to wipe the seal with the oily cloth, to keep it easy to change the next time. Leaving the seal dry is the most commonly done mistake by the novice car users as that can lead to loose fitting and hence towards leaking filters. The best way to round up the job is to fill the filter halfway with the oil and then spread a little bit of oil around the filter seal before installing it.


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