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Don’t Forget Winter Tyres

A Continental Tyres survey conducted after the extreme winter in 2010 revealed that more than 3 million motorists apparently had an accident at that time. That’s frightening enough but when you learn that 45% of them had 2 or more incidents it gives you the impetus to look to your own safety as winter 2017/2018 draws on.

In some parts of the country there hasn’t been a winter as harsh as 2010 since but that doesn’t mean we should cross our fingers and hope for the best. Please ensure that you are roadworthy whatever the winter throws at us, from extensive rainfall to frost and ice to snow. If not for yourself then for your passengers and other road users because everyone wants to be alive when spring finally arrives, don’t they?

Important Winter Tyre Information

Winter tyres are recommended between October and April. Now is the perfect time to call in to a car tyre fitting services provider. Why wait?

Winter tyres are designed to work optimally at temperatures of -7 degrees Celsius or below.

A winter tyre is not prone to harden in cool temperatures like summer tyres are. A higher rubber content instantly increases safety levels because the grip is greater and the likelihood of an accident is therefore diminished.

The winter tyres have deeper treads and feature slits called sipes which aid traction.

Which? magazine reported that “…sipes help not only because of their edges but because they enable localised movement of the rubber as the soft compound clings to the road.”

The stopping distances with winter tyres are generally longer but this can be expected given the adverse conditions they’re working with.

Many winter tyres are as durable as summer tyres so the expense isn’t prohibitive, it’s comparable.

You won’t need to visit a car tyre fitting services specialist too frequently or spend hours waiting for work to be carried out. Winter tyres should be readily available but remember, you won’t be the only customer so get to the car tyre centre soon so there’s no delay. High demand always occurs when the worst weather hits.

It is not a legal requirement to change to winter tyres in the UK although in Europe it is compulsory. It is however, good old common sense.

All season tyres are not going to be handle truly atrocious weather as capably and safety as winter tyres. They are better than summer tyres but car tyres fitted should surely be the best available?

Local car tyre centres including That cham Tyres and Exhausts pride themselves on having the tyres you require in stock or they can source them within 30 minutes which is excellent customer service. As a local rather than national chain Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts team are happy to explain the benefits of winter tyres, check your alignment, change tyres and they’ll look at your exhaust and battery too. You’re appreciated and respected not just one of a long line.

Speak to car tyre fitting services providers about a safe winter today, before winter starts in earnest.


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