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Crazy Bongs To Impress Your Friends

When shopping for bongs, it’s understandable of course to allow your choices to be influenced by a bit of a desire to impress your friends. Whether it be the brand you pay for and their solid reputation, or the four different fancy percolators, there’s a lot of things to look for to really wow people. There are tons of crazy bongs out there that might not deliver the highest quality flavor and smoothest hits, but will definitely catch some attention and make for some fun sessions.

    Gas Masks

If you have never seen a gas mask bong in your life, I truly feel sorry for you. If you don’t know what it looks like, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A gas mask, usually rubber, which straps around your face airtight, with a bong attachment instead of an air filter which would normally be found on a gas mask. Because of the way this thing is worn on your face, you can’t escape the cannabis smoke until you clear the bowl and take it off. If you cough while it’s on you’ll get a ton of smoke in your eyes too, so you can be sure to have some pretty damn red eyes. These things don’t make for the most pleasurable sessions but when looking for crazy bongs for some funny stories the gas mask bong is a pure classic.

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    The Bukket

The Bukket may not be considered a valid option for some people but hear me out here. I say this because it’s technically a gravity bong that doesn’t even use water. The lack of water might rule this one out, but the funky round shape of it might make others consider it for the originality. It’s a gravity bong that works with air. It has a bit of an accordion type of design where you can stretch it out then squish it back down. So you just have to blaze away then press it down to let the airflow deliver the smoke right down into your lungs.

Human creativity extends to all of our inventions across the world, so if you really want something original and unique to show off to your stoner circle of friends, you can definitely find something perfect for you and them to enjoy and memories with.


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