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Choosing a Great Family Car

Whether you have a new baby or a growing brood, you need the right car to get you there safely. Maybe you spend your summers on the road, or you carpool from daycare to work every day. No matter your family’s size, shape, or personality, there’s a match for you.

Your family needs more than a vehicle. It requires a pack mule, a mobile restaurant, a movie theatre, a moving play date, and a nap on the road. You spend enough time in your car that you need something comfortable and dependable.

Jeep Compass

For the tech-savvy family who loves the outdoors, you need a spacious vehicle for both road tripping and rugged, dirty play. The Jeep Compass is perfect because it features the U-Connect System with voice-command navigation and a 40GB hard drive to store all of your digital entertainment.

This SUV is designed for a family with kids who need entertainment in the car, so they’ll give you a break from scolding them for not sharing toys and snacks. LED lights illuminate cup holders to reduce spills, the swing-down speakers turn your liftgate into a dance party picnic and the cargo lamp doubles as a flashlight.

Toyota Prius C

Working parents with long commutes and families with only one child will enjoy this medium-sized car because it gets great gas mileage without a plug. A Smart Key Systems lets you unlock the doors without fishing for your keys, so if you’re carrying a latte and a diaper bag while pushing a stroller, it’s just one less thing.

It fits into even compact parking spaces, making it easy to park anywhere, but test out the trunk before you buy, because while it’s the perfect size for one, or maybe two children, your double stroller might be a tight fit.

Honda Accord

This sporty sedan has equal parts function and fashion, so you can carpool by day and double date by night. Not only does it get great gas mileage for a mid-sized sedan, but its sticker price is affordable, too. Plus, it offers life-saving tricks like SMS text-messaging via voice.

The interior is stylish, and the trunk is big. Backseat legroom is perfect for toddlers and school-aged kids, but you may need to graduate as they gain length. However, you’ll enjoy this everyday driver for years before you need to think about that.

Ford Edge

Simplify trips to the grocery store and extracurricular activities with back seats that fold down automatically at the push of a button. You have rear legroom to spare, and you’ll never have to yell, “Stop kicking my seat!” again.

With two USB ports in the console, you can charge your phone while your kid charges his gaming system, and with a blind spot monitoring system and backup camera, you’ll always stay a safe distance away from other drivers.

Hyundai Santa Fe

This crossover provides you with ample storage and still fits in your garage. It’s surprisingly sleek and stylish with a five-passenger capacity and panoramic sunroof. Enjoy the stain-resistant cloth seats every time you encounter spilled juice boxes and never sweat a leaking sippy cup.

The 4.3-inch touchscreen and backup camera allow you to keep an eye out for anything in your path, including kids or the toys they left out last night. With an optional upgrade to the Santa Fe GLS, you get three rows of seating and a seven-passenger capacity for your growing family.

Chrysler Town & Country

Minivans have long been perceived as goober-mobiles. They’re not cool, they’re not sporty, and they’re mostly driven by middle-aged, frumpy moms in moo moos. Well, not anymore. Not only are these rides roomy and comfortable, but they give your kids the independence to load and unload themselves.

Gone are the days of lifting your toddler in and out of the car. Now they can do it themselves. And older kids will appreciate the technology. A rear-seat entertainment system with two drop-down screens means your girls can watch Titanic while the boys enjoy Iron Man.

There’s a perfect family car for anyone, and you can do your own shopping and test driving at a dealer who knows and understands your needs. Check out Southwest Motors inventory of SUVs and other family cars today.


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