Cawley Carr, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist and Educational Therapist

A note on learning and your child:

Learning is the ability to associate new ideas into an established network of concepts. As this can be a significant challenge for some children, academic performance is not always the best measure of a child's learning potential. A child's ability to integrate new information may be impeded by learning differences. Learning differences may manifest as behavioral, self-esteem, social and academic problems. Some children may develop compensatory strategies to aid in the learning process; however, these compensatory strategies may not be sufficient once the academic demands exceed the child's skill level.

Questions for Concerned Parents:

Does your child have trouble following directions?
Does your child forget the meaning of new words?
Does your child find self-expression challenging?
Does your child speak in short phrases or incomplete sentences most of the time?
Does your child make unrelated comments during a conversation?
Is reading difficult for your child?
Are spelling and writing difficult for your child?

A comprehensive speech/language/learning evaluation can answer these questions about your child's language/learning development and academic performance. If you are concerned about your child's language/learning development, or want to discuss the need for an evaluation, contact Cawley Carr, M.S., CCC-SLP, for further information.

Click here to contact Cawley Carr.

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