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7 Smart Ways to Lessen Your Car Maintenance Costs

It’s important to keep your car in tip-top shape so that you won’t need to always contact a mobile mechanic Houston if you’re from the Texas region. But the truth is that maintaining a car can be quite expensive. So here are some great tips to help you keep the maintenance costs at an affordable level since wages are barely rising these days.

Develop a good relationship with a repair shop

Stick to one car technician shop as you maintain your car. This helps them have a good working knowledge of your vehicle. They will know its history and be able to keep track of regular maintenance activities like oil changes or brake checks. Being a loyal customer might also help you get discounts and free services which can help reduce your overall car maintenance costs.

Invest in preventative maintenance

This means following what your car manual suggests. For example, if you meet a specific number of miles, they recommend certain preventative maintenance tasks. Do that, and the life of your car will be longer and overall cheaper regarding maintenance because you won’t get caught with a major expensive repair due to lack of maintenance.

Drive smart

Follow the tips your driving instructor taught you during driving school. Things, like staying a safe distance from the next car and slowing down on curves, help you prevent unnecessary slamming on brakes which can cause damage to the brakes and you’ll end up spending a big sum on replacing it. So be nice to your car, and it’ll repay you by keeping your money in your bank.

Choose your car insurance carefully

One of the maintenance costs related to your car is the car insurance. Take time to shop around to look for the most affordable yet the best fit for your situation. Compare insurance policies about your car and see which one gives the most value for money. Car insurance is a major expense so take this task seriously so you can save significant money.


If you have time and you like tinkering with cars, research on Youtube on maintenance tasks for your car that you can do on your own. This will save you some money as you’ll only be getting the materials or tools. Compare the costs if you let a car technician shop do it versus doing it yourself.

Be wary of upsell services

Sometimes, the car repair shop will offer you maintenance tasks on your car which is not necessary. They will do this especially if you’re a new driver and don’t know much about car maintenance. So stick to the recommended tasks in your car manual, and you’ll avoid expenses that are not critical for your car.

Keep your car battery clean

This means ensuring that corrosion does not form. One hack to this is buying a simple brush to ensure that your battery terminals are free from liquids and debris that can cause corrosion. This small investment will save you a big sum as you don’t have to fork out money for a quality car battery which can be quite expensive.


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