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4 Reasons for why Scrap Metal Should be Recycled

There is a growing trend of recycling scrap metal instead of sending it to landfills or the incinerator. It has been proven beyond doubt that recycling metal is much more energy efficient and environment friendly than mining ore to create new metal. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Long Beach Scrap Metal Recycling.

1. Keeping Scrap Metal Out of Landfills

Some types of scrap metals can leach toxic compounds when they end up in landfills. When you recycle scrap metal, you are presenting it from making it to landfills. Scrap metal from electronic waste can release mercury, lead and cadmium into the soil. Once these toxins enter the ground, they can end up in water and air.

Recyclable metal products take much larger space compared to non-recyclable products like plastics. Thus, keeping scrap metal out of landfills also helps in saving space which can be used for other scrap materials.

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2. Energy Conservation

Recycling scrap metal also helps in significantly reducing energy consumption. Mining and processing ores to make metal requires much more energy than recycling metal. Melting and reshaping scrap metal has been proven to be a highly energy efficient process. For example, recycling scrap aluminium can save almost 95% energy required for smelting aluminium from its ore.

Recycling scrap metal not only helps reduce energy consumption it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Scrap metal is already processed and refined, so recycling it is a less energy-intensive and cleaner process.

3. Natural Resource Conservation

Mining ore and processing it not only energy intensive, it also has a negative impact on natural resources. Mining is physically detrimental to land and also disrupts natural habitats. Other effects include increased pollution and erosion. Recycling scarp metal can help reduce the need for mining ore from earth.

According to studies, recycling a ton of steel helps in conserving over 2,500 pounds of iron ore. When you recycle a ton of aluminium, it helps in conserving more than 8 tons of bauxite ore.

4. Economical Benefits

Since recycling is a labor-intensive process, it also helps in creating job opportunities. Long Beach Scrap Metal Recycling can create several times more jobs than just sending it to landfills. So when you decide to recycle the metal waste, you are also creating job opportunities for others and contributing to the economy.

Thus, there are more than enough reasons to think of recycling scrap metal. It is not only beneficial for the environment, it is also an economical choice. When you decide to recycle scrap metal, you will lay lesser stress on the natural resources, making this world a better place to live.


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