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4 Benefits to Installing a Remote Car Starter

I used to think that a remote car starter was a luxury customization, definitely something I would never need.  But a remote car starter is more than something to add because you think it is a cool modification. Indeed, there actually several smart and practical reasons why you might install a remote car starter.


The most immediate benefit to a remote car starter is having the ability to warm up or cool down your car before you ever open the door.  If you live in a particularly cold area, for example, you can preset the heaters to high (and the defroster, too, perhaps) and start your car before you even put on your jacket to leave for the day. By the time you get to the vehicle, it should be nice and toasty. Similarly, you could preset the air conditioning if you live in a warm climate so that the seats and steering wheel don’t burn your skin upon entry.


On top of simply making your vehicle more comfortable, a remote car starter could actually improve its maintenance record.  No, really, those cold morning starts are actually not to healthy for your car, as the fluids and metals are all very cold and need some warming up.  By using a remote starter, you also give the engine and transmission some time to prepare before getting on the road and that can lower the potential risk for damage.


One secondary benefit to a remote car starter—or maybe it is a primary benefit; it just depends who you are—is safety. You see, by starting your car from afar it means you can get out of certain situations a little more quickly.  Sure, many automobile key fobs have locking and unlocking commands and a panic button that could deter a would-be thief, but sometimes you just want to get out as fast as possible. Maybe you are in an unfamiliar neighborhood or a dark parking garage at night.  Indeed, you can use your remote to start the car and then unlock the door without ever having to fumble for the right keys.


Many people never really think about selling their car.  In many cases you are going to use your car until it has no use or maybe pass it down to a sibling or child.  But if you do sell your car, you’ll be happy you added that remote starter because it will have increased its resale value.



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